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Eco-Friendly Solar Panels in West Jordan, Utah

Homeowners in Utah can count on Any Hour Services for solar panel installation. We’ve been the business for over 50 years, so we are experts in solar panel installations and maintenance. Our team will oversee your complete solar panel installation project and act as a point of contact and accountability throughout the lifespan of your system. Our experience engineeringand installing excellent solar panels has made us a leader in solar installations. Best of all, you can buy a solar panel system from Any Hour Services for 12 months with no interest or payments.

Perks of Solar Panels

  • Simple installation
  • You can obtain government tax credits of 30 percent
  • Lower your power bill
  • No interest, no payments
  • Eco-friendly
  • Increased home value

How Solar Panels Work

Your solar panel accumulates energy produced by the sun and the power it produced is transported through special cables that are approved for external use. Electricity will then get converted into power that you can utilize in your home. Lastly, the power from your solar system is processed through your home’s electrical system. It will work noiselessly in the background, powering anything that needs electricity. If your solar panel creates more power than you need, the extra will be returned to the utility company, so you save money on your power bill.

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People who want to try a solar panel from Any Hour Services should contact us today at 801-443-7272. We guarantee that you’ll be delighted by the quality of solar panel systems and the efficiency of our installation services.

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